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Freedom Socks » Episode 4

Episode 4

Posted by bjwebb under Podcast

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The fourth installment of Freedom Socks! We go over this weeks news, review dvorak and the naughty ktouch and vent our fustration with jokosher. Then, we review some Linux games, and discuss their ethics, before finishing off with some of your feedback.

00:00 Intro - we have a slogan; I violated the GPL, by not having sources on my repo; Tuna did a  talk at OSCON, followed by ToonsOnLinux having a referendum

02:30 News

22:00 Cory Doctorow
22:20 Review - Dvorak, ktouch is rather rude, and we create our own layout
26:50 Two Minutes Hate - Jokosher
30:00 Review - Linux Games
43:10 Clever Segment - Ethics of Games
53:20 Feedback
56:40 The End

3 Responses to “Episode 4”

  1. Says:

    Story added…

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  2. Jan Henkins Says:

    Hello Dudes,

    Nice pod, good balance of news/opinions and the like. Please don’t take the next bit too personally - I found it boring to listen to. Too many breaks and umms and aahs, so the continuity is a bit dodgy. To hold people’s attention in order to listen through the whole ´cast, you will have to work quite a bit on your presentation, timing and way of speaking, I found it a battle to listen to it end to end.

    Even so, not every podcast can be like Lugradio, but then again not every podcast can be “Freedom Socks”! :-) Since it’s early days with your podcast, you will have plenty opportunity to develop into it. Give your listener-base a chance to comment on what’s on and how they hear it. Take heart that even if somebody flame you, take whatever positive bits you can find and move on. Don’t feel disheartened, just carry on and have fun. The longer you survive with the pod, the better you will get.

    How about a forum? There are a nice couple of systems that integrates fantastically with Wordpress, and it will make things a lot easier for people to interact and comment (the standard WP comment system is nice, but it sucks for community-building purposes). I’ve played a bit with phpBB and WP integration, and it can be made quite seamless. But then again, even if it doesn’t integrate, it doesn’t matter. Having a working phpBB (or similar system) does wonders for community building.

    Have fun and good luck with the cast!

  3. Exteris Says:

    Are you still using dvorak? Try it for another month, and you’ll never want anything else anymore.
    And when you do have to type qwerty, you can just do that too (it’s quite easy to flip the switch in your mind)

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