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Freedom Socks » Episode 10 - Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo

Episode 10 - Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo

Posted by bjwebb under Podcast

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We’re Freedom Socks! And, after another random “season break”, we’re back. This week we run over whats been in the freedom news recently, get all angry about normal people, do an interview with one of our own hosts about the AGPLmail project. Then, we talk about free software and anarchy, before finishing off with a piece of listner feedback.

00:00 Intro - we shake it up a little (lyrics)
01:20 News

    24:00 Two Minutes Hate - The Proles (Ordinary People)
    29:10 “Interview” - Ben Webb - AGPLMail
    40:30 Speed Review - Wine
    40:50 Clever Segment - Free software and anarchy
    52:40 Feedback

    11 Responses to “Episode 10 - Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo”

    1. Says:

      Story added…

      This story has been submitted to! If you think this story should be read by the free software community, come vote it up and discuss it here:

    2. gnufs Says:

      w00t! bloggy goodness!

    3. Marcus Says:

      Please compress the audio volume levels. The way they are, the dynamic range is huge and makes listening hard, especially for people like me who are hard of hearing. I can’t find a volume level where I can understand everything and am comfortable at the same time. Play with sox’s compand filter, for example. To get an even better result, make sure you watch your distance from the mic when recording :)

      Thanks for doing the show!

    4. Xtopher Says:

      I agree with Marcus. Although I am not hard of hearing, I had a difficult time listening to the most recent episode. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but yelling into the microphone provides for an unpleasant listening experience.

      Also, regarding the Bilski case, keep in mind that it is not a software patent case. It involves a business method patent. It may have ramifications for software patents–and lets hope that it does.

    5. Matthew Says:

      In regards to Ogg “where is the big push?”, here is a challenge to you. Publish your podcast in Ogg files, exclusively. This would compel your listeners to use this free software solution. Ogg adoption is slowed when Ogg files are offered only in addition to Mpeg files. As a bonus to you, you can host, on this website, all the files to playback your media, in any operating system. There was an update to the Xiph Directshow codec pack yesterday, that rolled up Vista support from the experimental build.

      Keep up the nice podcast. Will be listening in the future. I only just heard of it from a recent interview published on GNOME’s website.

    6. Matthew Says:

      Was surprised to hear you mention my state in your show. The Free State Project website sure sounds good, but you may be disappointed to know they do not have much effect. Even after five years, the project claims only 641 people moved into this state of 1,315,828 residents. Glad they found this place appealing, but there is no indication they are even here, at least not that I have noticed.

    7. Kevin Dean Says:


      The Free State Project hasn’t officially happened yet. The aim of the Free State Project is to move in 20,000 liberty-loving activists, and as you’ve noted, that hasn’t happened yet.

      Of course, of those 641 movers, 4 have recently been elected to positions in the NH Legislature at a state or local level. The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (an organization with FSP-mover origins) endorsed about 150 pro-liberty candidates and elected 93 of them.

      Keene is the pro-liberty media capital of the world with Free Talk Live being syndicated on 45 radio stations and growing, ranked #1 on Podcast Alley. Free Minds Radio is now on the air and will be growing.

      Civil Disobedient activists have created waves defending property rights, rejecting the government enforced protection schemes, protesting taxes, war and torture. In January, you’ll see civil disobedient cannabis protests (Jan 10 in Keene, stay tunes) to protest the harming of peaceful people in the so-called “Drug War”.

      Sure, New Hampshire might not be the Free State right now, but can you name any place that’s getting more free by the week and shows potential for future growth in the arena of liberty?

    8. Matthew Says:

      Maybe you can get Free Talk Live using Ogg Vorbis. Who are the four FSP state legislatures?

    9. Matthew Says:

      Kevin got me interested to do some more fact checking. Actually only 390 moverts, due to the many members originally having this residence.
      Seems like a lot of members arrested, too. The price of liberty?

    10. Ali Gunduz Says:

      What do want? FREEDOM SOCKS!
      When do we want it? NOW!

    11. James Baker Says:

      What do want? FREEDOM SOCKS!
      When do we want it? NOW!

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